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Type of Company Secretarial Services

Annual Renewal, Company Name Search (each application), Change of company name, SSM Company Profile (each company), SSM Company Images (i.e. Statutory forms), Increase of Issued Share Capital, Splitting of Shares, Transfer of Shares (excludes stamp duty payable), Issuance / Replacement of share certificate, Resolution for Declaration of Dividend, Change of Nature of Business, Change of Business Address, Change of Address of Accounting Records, Appointment/Resignation of Director, Update of Director’s Particular, Change of Secretary and registered office, Appointment/ Resignation of Auditors, Change of Financial Year-end, Opening/Closure of Bank Account, Outgoing signing of documents at the bank branch by Company Secretary / Nominee Director, Change of Bank Authorised Signatory/Signatories, Application for Extension of Time for Annual General Meeting, Amendment of Constitution (formerly known as Memorandum and Articles of Association), Lodgement of a new standard Constitution for your Company with SSM @, Purchase/Disposal of Property/ Tenancy Agreement, Attend Meeting by Corporate Secretary or representative (in bayabumi Office) (Excluding disbursement and Records of minutes), Attend Meeting by Corporate Secretary or representative (in Client Office) (Excluding disbursement and Records of minutes), Letter of Confirmation by Secretary that the Company has no Constitution, Letter of Confirmation of Company Information by Secretary, Letter of Confirmation of Minutes for Audit Purpose by Secretary, Closure of Company – Striking-off, Certification of Statutory Document, Certification of Non-Statutory Document (e.g. NRIC, Passport, etc.), Referral Fee for Opening of Bank Account, Rubber stamp (MY DATA), Common seal, Purchase of Certificate of Incorporation (Section 17) from SSM, Abolish existing Constitution ( Memorandum and Articles of Association), Increase of Issued Share Capital (additional allotted), Resolution for Declaration of Dividend (additional shareholder)


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