It’s crucial to select a capable individual to serve as the local director for your company in Malaysia. Our nominee director services offer excellent quality at affordable rates, making them one of the top choices in the market. Making the wrong selection could lead to serious repercussions for your company. To gain further insights, please review our article on “Choosing the Ideal Nominee Director in Malaysia.”

*We are currently running a promotion for our Nominee Director Service, wherein the security deposit has been reduced to RM 5,000 for each director. However, this lower security deposit offer is contingent upon the company being in good standing, as determined through a detailed company search conducted by us at no additional cost. To proceed, you, as the principal, must fulfill our initial Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements.

Alternatively, if the company presents a medium risk profile, we may adjust our fees, increase the security deposit, or use a combination of both to compensate. However, in cases of a high-risk profile, we reserve the right to reject the engagement altogether.

Please note that a higher fee for nominee director services or an increased security deposit may be applicable under the following circumstances:

  • Anticipated annual turnover of the company exceeding RM 500,000.

  • High external debt of the company.

  • High share capital of the company.

  • Requirement for the company to obtain operational licenses.

  • Employment of numerous local and foreign staff members in Malaysia.

Additionally, for companies expecting an annual turnover exceeding RM 500,000 and/or intending to register for GST (Voluntary or Compulsory), an additional security deposit of RM 10,000 is necessary. It’s imperative to register for GST if the revenue is expected to surpass RM 500,000.

Please be reminded that we cannot serve as your Company Nominee Director if you are a citizen of or have connections with countries listed under the US Sanctions list. Failure to disclose such connections, resulting in discovery later on, will lead to forfeiture of your deposit and closure of the company upon detection.

All companies are mandated to have at least one director whose principal or only place of residence is within Malaysia. The Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) provides public access to Malaysian company details, including information on shareholders, directors, date of incorporation, share capital, and registered address.

Directors, including nominee directors, shoulder significant responsibilities. In the event that the foreign client becomes unreachable, the nominee director is obligated to cover company liquidation charges. Our Nominee Director Service is offered by reliable and reputable personnel. To protect the interests of the nominee director, we require a security deposit to be maintained with us for the duration of our Nominee Director Service.

If your company lacks a local Malaysia resident director to fulfill the Malaysia Companies Act requirement, you can still utilize our Nominee Director Service.