Internal Auditing Services in Malaysia | Forensic Audit Services in Malaysia

Internal Audit Services

Internal auditing extends beyond simply ensuring compliance; it encompasses providing guidance to senior management and the Board of Directors (or equivalent oversight body) on enhancing their roles and responsibilities. Put differently, internal auditors play a vital role in evaluating organizational effectiveness and mitigating risks, thereby offering invaluable protection to the organization. The presence of internal auditors within an organization yields numerous advantages for its management.


Malaysia Audit Fees Schedule and Table

To address the escalating compliance burden and operational expenses, as well as to mitigate the risk of a detrimental “price war” impacting auditor professionalism, the Malaysia Institute of Accountants (MIA) introduced Practice Guide (RPG) 7 for Audit Fee Charge (New Audit Fee) for auditing services in Malaysia, effective March 1, 2010. This guide aims to establish a reasonable remuneration framework to incentivize practitioners to uphold and enhance service quality. Despite the removal of RPG 7 from the website by the Council to comply with the Competition Act (CA) 2010 and avoid any breaches, it remains a key reference for associated auditors in determining audit fees for Statutory Audit Services in Malaysia.


Forensic Audit Services

The term covers an expansive scope of activities. In general, forensic auditing refers to the investigative effort undertaken by accountants where the accountants will take a deep dive into a company’s financial matters. In the event that there is doubt of fraudulent activities taking place, Forensic Audit Services in Malaysia are engaged to investigate the issue.

The types of fraudulent activities typically involved in this type of investigation include corruption, embezzlement of assets, and manipulation of financial records.