Why Alliance?

Bayabumi alliance program’s main intention is to collaborate with our partners to improvise business opportunity for all our alliance partners. Bayabumi serves a wide range of business owners with corporate secretarial services and accounting services. In addition, Bayabumi develops interactive website where customers can interact with business online. 

Bayabumi is the one stop solution for business consultation.In the current generation, business ideas are overflowing the current generation but not everyone knows how to manage the business in a proper way. We are here to help all businessmen to expand their knowledge and lead businessmen towards success. Our alliance partners will gain several benefits after joining Bayabumi’s alliance program.

Why Join Bayabumi?

Bayabumi alliance program will reward alliance who introduce bayabumi to their customers. When customers are referred by our alliance, they will get rewards and incentives for each customer who makes a purchase in bayabumi. 

Alliances are allowed to put our logo on their website in order to notify customers. For other uses of bayabumi logo, alliance should ask permission before doing so. In order to contact, alliance may directly contact our business development team. Details of the rewards will be explained by the Business development team after a meeting with alliance.