Malaysia Business Advisory Services for Foreigners

Malaysia Immigration Visa Application for foreigners: Expatriate DP10 Work Visa  for you and family
Our service includes the application of dependent visa and ID card for the expatriate and his family

Malaysia My Second Home 10 years’ Multiple-Entry Visa- the best visa category! Hassle-free multiple-entry visa of 10-years for you and your family. Renewal is indefinite. It comes with good incentives such as parents’ visa, tax-free car, and maid visa. Applicants are permitted to conduct businesses with unlimited non-taxable fund transfers to Malaysia. 

Permanent Residence Visa

Foreign Talent Visa

Visa Dependent Visa of all categories

Various Malaysia Business Entity Eligible for Foreigners:
Incorporating of Malaysian Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd) of these categories:

  1. 100% foreign-owned (minimum RM500,000 paid-up capital depends on the nature of business)
  2. Joint venture with local Malaysian

Other types of entity foreigners can set-up:

  • Labuan International Companies
    Suitable for foreigners who like to use Malaysia as a base to connect the world with businesses, all transactions in foreign currencies. Labuan Company tax rates are very attractive of 3%, permissible to deal with local Malaysians.  There are many different usages of Labuan International companies, it varies depends on your needs. Click here to understand the advantages of setting up the Labuan International company in Malaysia. 
  • Regional or Representative Office Status
    3 years’ office approval with allowed activities for research, fact-finding, coordination, sourcing, import, and export.
    2 years’ expatriate work permit is also applicable to their family. No tax and audit account required to comply.
    More on Representative/Regional Office, please click here! 
  • Operational Head Quarter Status 
    Approval for 10-years tax-free incentives. Paid-up capital with a minimum of RM2.5 million with coordination, sales, and procurement among the branches worldwide. The unlimited number of expatriate positions depends on job justifications.
  • MSC Status Company
    Applicable for foreign and Malaysian companies in the Information, Communications and Technology sector. Income tax-free incentives for 5 years and Investment Tax allowances of 10 years with free import on all types of equipment. Freedom to source capital and borrow funds globally. The unlimited number of expatriates positions with job justifications is allowed.
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