Company Closing

Paying every year just to keep a company? Paid it once for all!
Still paying charges for Secretarial, Accounting, Audit, Tax filing, Annual Returns to SSM which can sum up to RM2,400++ annually? When opening a new company just cost you only RM980! Think about it!
After paying for so many years to just keeping a company, you may want to find a way out to resolve the situation!
Let us help you to save your time and thousands of money.

It just costs you RM1,200 to close down a company, that’s simple as that.
Winding up of an existing Sdn Bhd
There are two ways to close the Sdn Bhd Company:
Option 1.    To strike off from the SSM
Option 2.     Voluntarily winding up / liquidation of Sdn Bhd
Strike off of company at SSM
There are some basic requirements need to be fulfilled before we can proceed to strike off the company:
1.    The company must be inactive for years or at time of application, and
2.    The company’s accounts must be clean and have no outstanding debts.
The Striking off application be rejected by the SSM due to the following reasons:
a.     The Company has large share base (High level of paid-up capital).
b.    The Company has large amount of retained profits.
c.    The Company was very active in business not long ago.
d.    The Company has recently disposed of a property.
e.    The Company has unpaid debts / creditors / liability.
f.    The Company are in the legal lawsuit.

As such, SSM will request the Company to go for voluntarily winding up / liquidation process.

Winding Up / Liquidation of Sdn Bhd Company
The voluntarily winding up involves numerous filings & lodgments to SSM and advertising the event over the nationwide newspapers.
The whole winding up process will normally take 1 to 2 years to complete and our price is ranging from RM8,000 to RM10,000. (Depends on the complexibility of the exercise)
Please feel free to contact us for more details & further information and we shall be glad to advise you accordingly.

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