Should You Avoid Low Secretarial Fees Service Provider

Everyone is looking to the highest quality with the lowest price. However, not every service or things with lowest pricing is at highest quality.

Although some firms provide low secretarial fees, but they would probably not send reminders on time to their client, which ended up the penalty clients have to pay is even more expensive. In addition, one may be debarred from acting as a director in future due to the bad record of non-compliance.

For some firms that provide secretarial services at slightly lower fees, they may be not providing you with proper security system for your secretarial files keeping. Loss of secretarial files can cause you very heavy penalties. Generally, under the new Companies Act 2016, which is expected to be gazette soon, the penalty can easily reach RM500,000 for default in each provision of the Act.

One might be paying low secretarial fees, yet end up paying higher fees in total, after all the add-on fees, penalties, etc.

Relative to other professional firms that is of equal size and set-up, you will realise that Bayabumi Services is still the one that is offering the highest quality of services at the cheapest rate in the market currently. This is the minimum rate for us to make a thin profit above our break-even cost in order for us to serve you better while maintaining our high quality of standards in the competitive, fast-paced and globalised market. 

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