Actual Name Search Application Rejected by SSM Malaysia

Anyone who wanted to incorporate a business will need to register their company, which first step is the lodgement of company name search application to SSM Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia). By doing so is to seek for SSM’s approval of using the desired name in your new company.

However, even you have searched on SSM Online System and checked with SSM e-Info system, whereby the search result shows no one is using your desired company’s name, there might be some other reasons why SSM officers may reject your company’s name applied.

So why would SSM officers reject the application of new company name?

Firstly, company name search application might be rejected by SSM due to proposed company’s name is similar with the existing company and may cause some confusion to the public. Apart from that, reason why SSM officer rejects the company name search application is probably due to the proposed company’s name is similar with the former name of existing company and may create undesirable confusion to the Public members.

Another reason why SSM officers will reject your company name search application is because the proposed company’s name is prohibited by the Companies Act 1965 or any other relevant Acts. Last but not least, the proposed company’s name is undesired for the use as company name.

Below are some actual company name search applications rejected by SSM:

  • Company name suggested:


Rejected because somewhat alike with another registered company name:


  • Company name suggested:

KONSORTIUM LOGISTIC LUBRICANT BERSATU SDN. BHD.Rejected because company name suggested too general and need to have language adjustment. Need to add wording for company name, for example, KONSORTIUM LOGISTIK INDAH SDN. BHD.

  • Company name suggested:

ESA REALTY SDN. BHD.Rejected because ESA is listed as controlled list and prohibited name.

It is always better to engage with experienced professional services provider in the company name search application for you to have a hassle-free process when you register a company. At 3E Accounting, we understand how crucial your time is when setting up a business. Hence, we are ready to support you from the start of your business. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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