Why to increase paid-up capital?

Why should I increase my company’s paid-up capital?
Normally, there are three (3) reasons where the company may find itself in the situation that it needs to increase its paid-up capital:
1.    Requested by Bank
2.    A project tender requirement
3.    License requirement

Reason 1 to increase paid-up capital : Requested by Bank
As part of the terms and conditions in the Letter of Offer from Bank for business loan application submitted by the Company, the company is required to increase its paid-up capital as required by the Bank.

Reason 2 to increase paid-up capital : Project Tender
As one of the qualification requirement, the company is to have at least certain amount of paid-up capital before it can submit any project tender document.

Reason 3 to increase paid-up capital : License application
A company operating in certain industries may be required to have certain licenses before they can commence its business operations.

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