Upgrade from Sole-Proprietor/Partnership to Sdn Bhd Company

Convert your enterprise/partnership to Sdn Bhd Company

There must be one of the following reasons you may want to convert your business from sole-proprietorship (enterprise) or partnership to Sdn Bhd Company (Private Limited Company):
1.    You want to enjoy better tax rate and pay less tax!
2.    You may need to be a sdn bhd to tender for a project.
3.    You want to apply for business loans
4.    You want to manage it in systematical and professional way.
5.    Better image for your business by having sdn bhd for your business
6.    Your business is growing fast and great, you may want to transfer your business to your children.
7.    You may want to sale your business for a luxury price.
What do we need from you:

  • Copy of Enterprise Registration Form D
  • Photocopy of I/C of the directors (at least 2 persons)
  • Proposed name for New Sdn Bhd Company
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